DX4WIN 9.03

DX4WIN is an easy to use, yet powerful logging program for every ham
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DX4WIN is an easy to use, yet powerful logging program for every ham.
Main features:
- Support for DXCC, WAS, WAZ, WPX, County, IOTA, VUCC & CQ DX Field (mixed, mode and band) .
- Separate flags to track the mixed, mode and band awards
- Support for Custom awards
- Includes more than one hundred pre-defined custom awards
- Award manager to define active bands/modes
- When contest mode is enabled and a starting time is defined, a new QSO will be checked for a duplicate contact in the contest
- An incrementing serial number can be displayed during a contest
- Master Data files can be used from other contesting software.
- A full function CW keyboard which works under Windows.
- Support for WinKey
- User programmable memories accessed using function keys.
- Adjustable weighting and visual transmit buffer.
- Uses interfaces to serial and parallel ports.
- Buttons available to send stored CW messages via mouse.
- Support for the Buckmaster, Flying Horse (RAC), QRZ!, Octavia and Amsoft Callsign databases on CDROM
- Support for the GOLIST to obtain QSL manager information
- Access to website for QSL info, like www.qrz.com
- Display shadow and gray line on world map
- Calculates gray line data between user's station and DX countries.
- User defined gray line 'window'.
- Calculates sunrise/sunset data for user station and DX station for up to a year.
- Extensive context sensitive help with hot links to related topics help available by pressing F1 key.
- User's guide is available from installed file or can be purchased printed and bound to lay flat.
- Users can define their own import / export filters
- Utilities are provided to convert some file formats, such as dBase and comma delimited, to fixed field ASCII suitable for the import function
- QSOs that generate errors when imported are still included in the log with an error message attached. It is not necessary to edit an error file and retry the import
- Filters for: ARRL, DX4WIN, DXBase (3 & 4). DXDesktop, DXLog, EasyLog, GemRadio, HyperLog, LogBook, LogEQF, LogicW, LogMaster, LogPlus. LogWin, N6TR, NA, SD, SecondOP, SwissLog, TopLog, TurboLog, WB2DND, WF1B, WJ2O and WRTC and others.
- Import and Export filter for ADIF; support for LoTW and eQSL

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